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OCB® Rolling Papers

Premium, Organic Hemp, Virgin Unbleached, Bamboo, Brown Rice, X-Pert, Ultimate, White, Verged (Orange, Blue and Green), Sophistiqué, Solaire, Craft Unbleached

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OCB® Pre-Rolled Cones

Organic Hemp Cones, Virgin Unbleached Cones, Bamboo Cones

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OCB® Legal Herb Filter Tubes

Legal Herb Filter Tubes

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OCB® Filters & Tips

Cardboard Filters, Filters (In Bags), Filter Sticks, Combipacks, Activ’Tips

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OCB® Rolling Machines & Injectors

‘Crystal’ Acrylic Rollers, Bamboo Rollers, Plant Composite Rollers, Metal Rollers, Tube Machine / Injector, Inject-a-Roll

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OCB® Grinders

Herb Grinders

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OCB® Rolling Trays

Bamboo Rolling Trays, Metal Rolling Trays

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KUSH® Herbal Wraps & Cones

Herbal Wraps & Cones, Terpene-Infused Wraps and Cones, Gold Cones

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RIPS® Rolls

Flavoured Rolls (Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Cola, Mint, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla), Hemp Rolls

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David Ross® Mini Filters

Herb Filters

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